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YAya IEdayah
YAya IEdayah;


Strive for your dreams, Work hard to get what you like, Otherwise you'll be forced to just like what you get.


Speak clearly, if you speak at all; Carve every word before you let it fall

quOtes # 1

if yOu lOve sOmething let it gO ,
if it cOmes back tO yOu it's yOur ,
if it dOesn't , it never was.

if what yOu see by the eye dOesn't please yOu ,
then clOse yOur eyes and see frOm the heart ,
because the heart can see beauty and lOve
mOre than the eyes can ever wOnder .

when the pOwer Of lOve overcomes
the lOve Of pOwer the wOrld will knOw
peace .

a memOry lasts fOrever , never dOes it die ...
true lOve stay tOgether
and never say gOOdbye .